To our Performing Arts Club Patrons:

 You may have read in recent news reports that the Sun City Center Community Association Board has temporarily suspended the Performing Arts Club’s privilege as a club in Sun City Center, citing “irregularities” in the club’s operation. 

 First, we wish to advise you that PAC Board of Directors is taking immediate steps to work with the CA board to alleviate the concerns that lead to the suspension and is fully committed to continue working toward its mission of providing quality entertainment at a reasonable price and in a convenient venue for Sun City Center residents.

 Second, we can assure you that none of the issues we are addressing involve theft of funds.   Rather the concerns center around the manner in which PAC has documented its expenditures and recorded its board decisions.   The CA auditors have expressed the view that PAC should be incorporated under Chapter 617 of the Florida Statutes; while there is some debate about whether incorporation is necessary, PAC is taking steps to comply with that recommendation by the CA.

 Finally, PAC continues to be recognized by the IRS as a public charity under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code and is properly registered with the Florida Department of Agriculture as a charity in the State of Florida. 

 We look forward to promptly resolving the issues with the CA and resuming our work to entertain Sun City Center.




theater light 2

Dear PAC patrons,

It is with deep regret and due to circumstances beyond our control that The Performing Arts Club of Sun City Center will no longer be putting on shows at the Rollins Theater beginning with The PAC Lite Summer Series.  After 12 successful years in the business of show, we have closed the curtains and turned out the lights of the Rollins Theater for the last time.  Many thanks for your patronage and support.  

Goodbye….for now!


The PAC Board of Directors